The first edition of dEX Artmosphere launched in May this year. Artmosphere is a free design meet up and at its core, a way for Ghana’s creative community – visual storytellers and design enthusiasts – to network, share their portfolios, exchange ideas and most importantly, draw inspiration, learn from each other and find ways to make the design industry in Ghana better and stronger.

It’s easy to conclude that Ghana’s design landscape is heavily male leaning when you consider events such as the MESH Confab and the first dEX Artmosphere. Thankfully, three months down the line, Artmosphere 2.0 is back this time with a nobler cause, to change the Ghanaian design narrative with a female inclusive approach. dEX Artmosphere 2.0 will come off on Saturday, August 11 at Maks Place in Dzorwulu.

Artmosphere 2.0 is throwing light on some of Ghana’s female visual storytellers, across 2D animation, illustration, typography, stop motion, branding and 3D animation. Organized by Design Experience Ghana, (dEX for short), Artmosphere 2.0 is a well-timed opportunity for Ghana’s creative community to further discuss the role of women in design and discover how to succeed in a space that doesn’t have a lot of diversity.

What to Expect at dEX Artmosphere

In short, deep conversations and a lot of fun. They say a picture is a worth a thousand words so let the gallery below do the rest.

What to Expect at dEX Artmosphere

dEX artmosphere theme
conversations at dex artmosphere
portfolio presentations at dex artmosphere
Creative Games at dEX Artmosphere
creative games dex artmosphere
WTF design game
Pyria Game Tournament dEX Artmosphere

Who’s Coming to Artmosphere?


Spotlight artists  for Artmosphere 2.0 include the colourful Natasha Nayo (animation, illustration), Audrey “Fab Monkey” Quaye (typography, graphic design, illustration), Maame Ewusiwaa (2D, 3D generalist, animation), Shika Odamten (fashion designer, illustrator), Sharon Mills (creative direction) Nana Pomah Apraku-Yeboah (graphic design, branding & identity design) and Natalie Narh (multimedia artist).

Sharon Mills

Sharon Mills dEX Artmosphere

Natasha Nayo

Natasha Nayo dEX Artmosphere

Maame Ewusiwah

Maame Ewusiwah dEX Artmosphere

Julia Shika Odamtten

Julia Shika Odamtten dEX Artmosphere

Natalie Narh

Natalie Narh dEX Artmosphere

Nana Pomaah Apraku-Yeboah

Nana Pomaah Apraku-Yeboah dEX Artmosphere

Audrey Quaye

Audrey Quaye dEX Artmosphere

What Else Besides Presentations and Conversations?

Pyria Gaming e-sports tournament at dEX Artmosphere

Besides the keynote talks and portfolio presentations, there will be an e-sports tourney organized by Pyria Gaming. There’ll also be a ton of other games ( board and creative games) and networking sessions.

Additionally, there will be live portrait painting sessions by Julia Shika Odamtten in partnership with Squid Magazine.

What You Need to Know to Attend dEX Artmosphere

Ready to be part of this great design initiative? First up, it’s absolutely free! Get tickets to attend dEX Artmosphere for free over at Eventbrite. Organizers encourage males especially to come along with a female counterpart. Come along with your business cards. The meetup provides a healthy dose of networking opportunities. You can check out the to-do and not-to-do lists below to get a better sense of what to expect.

dEX Artmosphere 2.0 Rules

Artmosphere not-to-do list
Artmosphere to-do list

What’s the Venue for Artmosphere 2.0?

dEX Artmosphere 2.0 will come off at Maks Place in Dzorwulu. Maks Place is directly behind the Malaysian Embassy in Accra and adjacent ZTV. A popular marker you can use to locate Maks Place is Alsyd Academy. Check the map below for further directions. 

Who’s Making Artmosphere Possible?

dex Artmosphere 2.0 Official Flyer

Artmosphere 2.0 is powered by different design collective which are Bee Hyve, VOME, ninety3 studios, Hook Communications and cr8tor. Partners include Pyria Gaming, Basecamp Initiative, Squid Magazine and Creatives Ghana.

See below for a recap of the first dEX Artmosphere.

About Design Experience Ghana (dEX Ghana)

dEX Ghana is a mentorship workshop to bring together design enthusiasts to learn, re-learn and unlearn the tricks of the trade of design, embark on impactful projects, develop new ways of telling the Ghana story through design and network with like-minded individuals. dEX Ghana aims to build a strong design community in Ghana.

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