We closed out last year mad excited about the future of African animation thanks to Plaything, an engaging and delightful animated short made with a lot of passion, love and childhood memories. The talent from Anthill studios, particularly Eri Umusu (you should check this list out), Nurdin Momodu and Godwin Akpan are to be praised. 

The short [no spoilers], tells the story of a child unafraid to explore his imagination and have a lot of fun doing it. My favorite part of the animation is how it shows viewers where it was made without even trying.

Plaything - made in Nigeria
Plaything – Made in Nigeria

I’m talking too much I find.

Just watch it below, stay inspired, and always remember to keep those juices flowing.


Squirt Creativity!

By: KaDi Yao Tay (Boy stuck in a man’s body)