What in the World is Comic-Con Africa?

Comic Con Africa
News broke a few weeks ago about Comic-Con Africa launching this year. Exciting news right? YES and a few troubling NOs! Comic-Con Africa is a...

On Black Panther, African Comics and The Geeks Core

Black Panther art by Juni Ba
Comic books are a blissful escape into new worlds and fantastical, alternate realities and I am hooked; I always have been. I am very...

Black Panther: The Couch Critics Review

Couch Critics Black Panther Review Wakanda We Be Extra Ghana
Have you watched Black Panther? It is hands down, the biggest movie release of 2018; so far! It's drawn mostly admiration and some outrage...

#WeAreNigerianCreatives: The Hashtag Showcasing Nigeria’s Creative Prowess

Mayowa Shutabug #WeAreNigerianCreatives
Social Media is an awesome avenue for creatives to showcase their portfolios and get noticed and this new hashtag, #WeAreNigerianCreatives is doing just that...

Kayin and Abeni: A Graphic Novel Gone Too Soon

Kayin and Abeni African comic by Juni Ba
Beautiful, brilliant, fun, game-changing, provocative, unstoppable, very promising, short - words that describe the lifespan of Kayin and Abeni, an African comic that was...

Help Design The December Edition Of The Kugali Magazine

Kugali Mag 1
To celebrate the Christmas edition of the Kugali Magazine, Kugali is running a competition inviting artists to design the front cover for the next...

Rankuwa: Music, Cyborgs And Unlikely Friendships

Rankuwa by the Animation School in South Africa | African Animation
https://youtu.be/p02wBjWEujU It’s one thing to live as a young music-loving cyborg in a dystopian cyberpunk world and another to have your dreams literally stolen. To...

Why African Animation Has Proven To Have Local Appeal

African Animation Networkvideo
As seen on media update with slight modifications (context, links and video insertions), November 13, 2017. Interview by Adam Wakefield. We're big animation fans,...

Recapping Pa Gya: A Literary Festival In Accra

Kofi Sydney Asare holding up the Kugali Anthology and a Lake of Tears brochure at Pa Gya, a Literary Festival In Accra 2017
Pa Gya, A literary Festival In Accra was a pleasant surprise and a much welcome opportunity for us to take our activities offline and...

#DrawingWhileBlack: Highlighting African Artists You Never Knew About

#DrawingWhileBlack hit the world with a bang, and African artists did not disappoint.