If Black Panther is your first entry into “African comics“, you’re sorely missing out! In 2009, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warned of the danger of a single story, especially in the African context in a famous TED talk. The one area where the danger of a single story of Africa is most prevalent is in comic books. Thankfully, the Kugali Comics Anthology is helping change that.

Where Are The African Comics?

On the interwebs and on many individual devices owned by creators and their friends. But how do people access these comics if they don’t know about them? That’s where Kugali (and other online resources such as 254 Comics and Squid Mag) come in. By putting together an anthology of African comics, Kugali is connecting African creators with a worldwide audience hungry to consume, pay for and appreciate alternative African storytelling.

What Is The Kugali Comics Anthology and How Do You Get It?

The Kugali Anthology is a collection of some of the best African comics. The anthology is split into two wings.The Regular edition designed for all ages and the Raki edition created for mature readers that like their stories a little darker and much gory.

How do you get it? By backing the project on Kickstarter!

How You Can Support the Kugali Comics Anthology on Kickstarter


Kugali Kickstarter Comics Anthology

As with any great endeavour, a lot of time, dedication and money are required to bring this to life. The Kugali collective wants the world to hear our stories but they can’t do it alone. Kugali needs to raise $14,000 in order to produce, print copies, compensate the storytellers, handle marketing and to curate the most compelling collection of African comics you’ll ever see!

Kugali needs your support. WE need your support and the Kugali Kickstarter campaign is how you can support.

The campaign officially launches tomorrow, February 26th, 2018 at 8 pm GMT. Click to learn everything you need to know about the Kugali Kickstarter Campaign.

Why You Should Support the Kugali Comics Anthology

Because, there’s a whole world of stories out there, that represent Africa better – from the core realities to the extreme fantasies. Black Panther, try as hard as it did, is not the definitive source for what African comics are. According to Kugali,

In Africa there have been stories passed down for generations.These magical tales filled our hearts and opened our minds to endless possibilities. These fantastic stories still exist within the oral tradition. However, in order to share our stories with the world we need to think of new ways to showcase our culture.

What’s in the Anthology?

The anthology features several amazing comics by African creators from different countries. This includes creators such as Juni Ba (Kayin and Abeni), Etubi Onucheyo (Mumu Juju), Shofela Coker (Outcasts of Jupiter), Mohammad Obmug (Garanyazha), Gbenle Maverick (Oro) and Kugali co-founder, Ziki Nelson (Iku).

Are you ready to back an anthology of awesome African comics? I sure am. Visit kickstarter.kugali.com to pledge your support.

About Kugali Media

Kugali showcases the best African stories by Africans using comics, art and animation. These are stories that respect the history of Africa, embrace the present and imagine a future.

Kugali was founded by Ziki Nelson, Tolu Olowofoyeku and Macaulay Demi Alvarez.


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