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An Otaku in the geeksphere and a lover of all things high-concept, sci-fi and comics.
If I Could Kill My Feelings Book Cover for Ivanna Akotowaa Ofori by Kaz

Squid Alley with Kaz: Inspiration is Endlessly Pouring In

In July 2017, we started Squid Alley, an initiative that shed light on some of the creatives - illustrators mostly - whose work we were in love with. The goal is to...

The Think Like Creo Animation Workshop

From the makers of Hogan Toons and the wildly popular Ghanaba Series comes the Think Like CREŌ Workshop. Creō Concepts will be organising workshops and seminars on 2D character development and 3D animation slated for 3...

Conversations With Juni Ba On His Afrofuturist Space Adventure Kayin And Abeni

Peep this interview with Juni Ba, creator of Kayin and Abeni - an epic afrofuturist adventure comic featuring kadogos, boat inspired space ships and space suits inspired by African masks and tastefully peculiar art. #AfricanComics #SquidMag
Is'nana The Were-Spider Vol 2 Cover

For Us By Us: Greg Anderson-Elysee On Creating Is’nana The Were-Spider And African Comics

Wouldn’t it be cool if Ananse, the mighty trickster god of Ashanti folklore was turned into a comic book hero? Cooler still if he was in a pickle and needed saving by one of...
Collage of nominees for the 2017 GUBA Awards' Animator of the Year category

GUBA Awards 2017: Another Step for Ghanaian Animation

The mantra for a while has been to change the future of African movies through storytelling and an excellent medium to do this is through animation. An even better way to encourage stories in...

8th Classics In The Park: An Afromation Experience

Mark Your Calendars, the 8th Classics In The Park Series Will Be A Thrilling Afromation Experience

Meeting of Styles – A Graffiti Experience

According to Ian Quhachi, Meeting of Styles is “an introductory graffiti art event by the Ghana Graffiti crew. The crew is set to challenge societal defects using street art as a medium to communicate...
Bright Ackwerh

Bright Ackwerh – Ghana’s Genius Satiric Illustrator

The indescribable euphoria I felt when I first learned about illustrator BRIGHT ACKWERH’s work still hovers around me. As a newcomer to his work, I deliberately shut off people's opinions for an organic, intimate...

Ian Quhachi’s 7 Deadly Sins

Ian Quhachi, an avid contributor to the graffiti and digital art scene in Ghana has released captivating illustrations depicting mankind’s vices popularly known as the 7 Deadly Sins. This project is in many ways,...

Painting the Days – These are Creo’s 7 Ghanaian Goddesses

I doubt sheer creative tenacity alone drove the Creo Concept to create the visually stimulating depictions of Ghanaian female day names. Rather, I presume it was their passion to showcase our beautiful culture as...
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