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KaDi Yao Tay is an improving social inept constantly navigating the maze of human interactions in a bid to figure out his place in the world. He has an unbridled love for kelewele (spicy fried plantain) and abuses the word "chale", chale. He also sucks at soccer video games and absolutely won't play against you. Do not ask!
Kakama from OLWATUUKA comic looking into the future with hope. Comic by Louis Lubega

Squid Alley with Louis Lubega: African Comics, Games and Animation Are a Sleeping Opportunity

Welcome to the #SquidAlley with Sonwabo Sonik Valashiya, graphic designer, illustrator and meister of colour and grit!
Judges at the MTN Apps Challenge

MTN Ghana Deserves Some Accolades For Pushing Local Animation

Animation is not one of the things that comes to mind when you think of MTN Ghana. Yet, MTN Ghana has been championing animation in Ghana in its own way for the last three years through the MTN Apps Challenge and for that, it deserves some accolades.
Akokhan,Tonkazan and the Eye of Larteh on the cover of Frank Odoi's popular comic book.

Thank Akokhan for the Internet

A short tribute to Frank Odoi, creator of Akokhan and arguably the father of Ghanaian comics.

Decoding Booze High: An Animated Music Video Directed by Poka

What is your purpose in life? For some, it is to inspire the world, others, to make money, others still, to be the best they absolutely can be and for most, to just live....
Black Panther Prescreening Accra

Who’s Shaping Accra’s Nerd Space?

Back in high school, my friends and I were described as cartoons. We were referred to as cartoon boys. This was no endearing term but  rather, an attempt to demean us and spit on...

African Women In Comics You Should Know About

Welcome to the first part of the 22nd century and gender equality is no longer a pipe dream… well, mostly. From first female presidents to female business moguls and entrepreneurs, the month of March...
Comic Con Africa

What in the World is Comic-Con Africa?

News broke a few weeks ago about Comic-Con Africa launching this year. Exciting news right? YES and a few troubling NOs! Comic-Con Africa is a 3-day event showcasing comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film,...
A Kalabanda Ate My Homework

Is A Kalabanda Ate My Homework The Best Ugandan Animation?

Possibly. When last did you watch an African animation so good you watched it all over again? That's what A Kalabanda Ate My Homework delivers with all the right doses of humour and fun. The 6...
Boxsa Issue 2 Ayodele Elegba

Boxsa is the African Comic Getting a Movie Adaptation!

Is Boxsa the first African comic getting a live-action movie adaptation? Possibly, and we are all the better for it! I've been writing about African comics for a while now and have been eagerly waiting...
Couch Critics Black Panther Review Wakanda We Be Extra Ghana

Black Panther: The Couch Critics Review

Have you watched Black Panther? It is hands down, the biggest movie release of 2018; so far! It's drawn mostly admiration and some outrage from people who've seen it, those who haven't and those...

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