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cartoon network creative lab

In Conversation With Ariane Suveg on Cartoon Network Africa’s Creative Lab Initiative

Hello, fans and creators worldwide, especially those in Africa, something big your way comes. Introducing the legendary animation/kids station that has been providing content for children worldwide for more than a couple...
akan tree tv characters

Akan Tree Is Making Language Learning Fun Through Animation

Akan Tree is a multimedia company that provides engaging opportunities to learn Twi through audio books and an animated edutainment series.
AfroComix app download poster

Afrocomix: Artistic Liberation or Money Making Scheme?

Leti Arts is a content and game development studio based in Accra and Nairobi. Since its establishment by co-founders Eyram Tawia (Ghana) and Wesley Kirinya (Kenya), it has focused mainly on making...
Hero Kekere Promotional Cover by Comic Republic Nigeria

Cassandra Mark on Lessons Learned Writing Hero Kekere for Comic Republic

Hero Kekere is a fun and hilarious comic book published by the Comic Republic in Nigeria. The African comic reimagines the heroes of the Comic Republic Universe as children and follows their...

Keeping Up With the Continent: The First Kugali Comics Anthology

https://youtu.be/5cTh5PNcOlQ Following the instalment of annual events awarding iconic comic artists in Africa and the diaspora is the new innovation that is the Kugali Magazine. It is a monthly magazine by Kugali Media complete with...
cartoon network creative lab
cartoon network creative lab
cartoon network creative lab

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