Possibly. When last did you watch an African animation so good you watched it all over again? That’s what A Kalabanda Ate My Homework delivers with all the right doses of humour and fun.

The 6 minute animated short is a story about a boy and his encounter with a mythical creature, the Kalabanda. A Kalabanda is a mythical creature that rumoured haunt schools in Uganda.

The synopsis reads, Tendo, a pupil shows up to class one day without homework – claiming that a “Kalabanda” ate it. Who’d believe such a lame excuse? No-one! How will Tendo prove his story? And does this mythical creature really exist?

What follows is a cute and hilarious encounter with a stern teacher with a jaw like a pickaxe (picture Frozone from the Incredibles) and all the silliness you can expect from school children. “This story brings a ridiculous twist to the infamous excuse a dog ate my homework”, according to the creators.


Tendo and his classmatesThe level of quality in A Kalabanda Ate My Homework is top notch, I was particularly impressed by the voice acting which is the most authentic and fluid I’ve heard in any African animation so far. The story made me very happy with its unexpected turn of events and I am eagerly anticipating the next instalment if there is one.

I’m proud to say African animation is on an uphill climb and for good reason too. African animators have better equipment and are more connected thanks to the internet. They are also more inspired to create their own stories and showcase their mad skills. Finally, they have ignited their passions and are working hard to be the best they can be. I’m all here for it!

Cast and Crew of a Kalabanda Ate My Homework

A Kalabanda Ate My Homework was produced by Creatures Animation and stars Martha “Kay” Kagimba, Patrick “Salvado” Idringi, Omara Daniel and Faith Kisa. Raymond and Robin Malinga directed and wrote the film respectively.

Watch the video below:


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