Imagine a world where African history, culture and folklore is told through digital comics and mobile games by Africans! Imagine no more, because it is a reality! Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya, co-founders of Leti Arts, a true disruptor, are bringing a whole new meaning to innovation and creativity.

The company that pioneered a one-of-a-kind video game development studio, on the African continent with the goal to develop games and comics with Afrocentric content, recently launched a new product that enables collaboration among content providers from across the continent, to market cutting-edge, Africa-inspired content on the global market.

Here’s how.

The African narrative has for a long time been told through biased lenses by the outsiders’ view and as a result, the world has a skewed perception of Africa defined by stereotypes such as conflict, poverty, war, diseases among other negative images. The need to have African stories told by Africans, for Africans is long overdue because the continent has far more to offer than foreign media acknowledges.


Leti Arts Africas Legends

A key part of this is the rich and fascinating African traditions, history, culture and folklore. Two young men, Eyram Tawia from Ghana and Wesley Kirinya from Kenya have made it their mission to change the African narrative through interactive digital games and comics. They choose this format because it is one of the most popular genres through which the modern generation consumes content.

They believe that by digitizing African history, culture and folklore in the form of meaningful and interactive games and comics, the current generation will be genuinely excited to engage with their heritage.

Through their company Leti Arts, the duo created the Africa’s Legends franchise app boasting an elite lineup of superheroes based on historical and folklore figures from across the continent fighting against prevalent issues in 21st century Africa. Eyram has gone the extra mile of documenting Leti’s journey to becoming a pioneer in the African game industry in his maiden book, Uncompromising Passion: The Humble Beginnings of an African Video Game industry which is available for $15 on Amazon.

Leti ArtsBy being one of the pioneers of the African video game industry, they have inspired other creatives who have sprung and joined the market. However, this has led to fragmentation in the creative industry due to lack of a platform to consolidate and monetize the amazing works of various artists.

Tohelp bridge this gap, Leti Arts has come up with an app dubbed Afrocomix – an upgrade of their Africa’s Legends app – that will accommodate third party content providers with a strong focus on monetization, analytics and social integration. Using exciting, interactive, mobile-centric media, Leti Arts is looking to curate content that will truly reignite the imaginations of young and old alike.

Driven by the success of the Africa’s Legends app as a benchmark, which as of 2016 was downloaded over 50,000 times for free from across the continent and beyond, Leti Arts is currently curating content in the form of short animations, games, wallpapers and comics from all over Africa which they will market worldwide.


Consumers will only have to download the App and have access to hundreds of content from creatives all over the continent at a fee. Content providers will receive weekly reports on all their content on the App and revenue will be shared with the content providers according to an already agreed upon ratio.

The goal is to make Afrocomix the one-stop hub for all Afrocentric content.

Leti is currently signing on African creative studios and indie creatives and urges all interested content providers to submit their content and enquiry to publish@letiarts.com. We urge all artists who currently have great content only to show on Instagram to take advantage of this opportunity to monetize those works via Afrocomix.

By Esther Kiragu

About Leti Arts

Leti Arts Logo

Leti Arts is a content studio based in Accra and Nairobi. The company is on a mission to present an authentic Africa to a worldwide audience, through meaningful games and digital comics. The company was founded by Wesley Kirinya (Kenya) and Eyram Akorfa Tawia (Ghana). Learn more about Leti Arts here.





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