The second week of our African Comic Covers series was science fiction heavy augmented by kilojoules of magical fantasy! From the dystopian Wrath House to Versus, a fantastical space opera, to enhanced humans such as EXO and the kids in Hero Generation to the mecha dog packs in Ganyamuto to the wacky bros in Mumu Juju,  the second week has been all levels electrifying.

Here’s this weeks’ recap:

1Wrath House

2Razor Man

Zimbabwe’s red masked vigilante, Razor Man is on a mission to strike fear and a sense of justice in the heart of Harare’s crime infested underground and also save the city’s unwilling guinea pigs. Relying on his own tech and smarts,
Razor Man was created by @billmasukuart


4Hero Generation

5E.X.O: The Legend of Wale Williams